Bob's Foam Factory, Inc., Foam & Sponge Rubber, Fremont, CA

If you ever left your cushions out to get wet and needed to dry out the inserts, you will realize the advantages of a nonabsorbent foam.

AIREX soft flotation foam features closed-cell construction. It can't absorb water even if torn or punctured! So, besides vinyl, you can make the fabric selection of your choice regarding your boat cushions and never worry about mildew or deterioration. When the cushion fabric does get wet, just let it dry out. Also, AIREX soft flotation foam will not bottom out. A fact that assures comfort as well as beauty.

The built-in flotation quality of AIREX soft flotation foam is another great benefit, one which allows it to meet all U.S. Coast Guard requirments for flotation foam (UL1191). A typical 6 foot cushion made with 2 1/2" foam can keep as many as ten average adults afloat indefinitely.

Ask us about the advantages of AIREX soft flotation foam for your boat. Think about the added safety features, then open your imagination to all the fabrics, patterns and prints you have always wanted. Today, thanks to AIREX, vinyl is just another choice.

  • Isn't harmed by water
  • Doesn't bottom out
  • Can be scrubed clean
  • Provides flotation in emergencies